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How do you start drawing comics?
After this question was recently posed to me, I thought I’d type up a more in-depth answer.
Ultimately, it really is just a case of: start. There’s nothing stopping you. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just put pen to paper and let fly.
I think the major stumbling block for people at that early stage of things is the concern that what they put on the page does not do justice to what is in their head. You, of course, want it to look as good as the comics that inspired you to take up the pen. You’ll draw a few pages and decide it’s not worth continuing because your work isn’t on par with the big name artists and zillions of people aren’t showering you with positive comments.
1 - Don’t draw for anyone but yourself. Feedback is awesome, but the only prize you should be chasing is the giddy delight of finishing a project. That’s how you get things done.
2 - Practice is what improves your work and practice is easiest done when D
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Shout out to all the lovely people who gave me birthday wishes! Appreciate it ya'll! :hug:Your girl's gonna come back soon!
Second! If you want latest updates to my art and comic!
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Its ME!
Somethings been bugging me lately. and that thing is what is a REAL artist?

So recently I had conversation with a art professor and we got around the topic of WHATS AN ARTIST. I told him my experience of drawing since I was 10 and how it grew to what it is now. I then told him the story of when me and a bunch of other art majors (I'm a minor) gathered around some seniors to ask for advice and stuff about what to do when we were done with college.

First off, let me give you some backstory. I'm an exercise sconce/PTA major with a minor in art. Before that, I wanted to be a digital designer back in high school, until I realized they don't make SHIT. So I ended up majoring in the health area but kept my passion for art alive by having a minor.

As me and the group talked I told my story of having a passion for art BUT having a very promising future as a health major. I remember one of the senior's telling me
"Oh...well yeah you could do that but that's not a REAL artist"


"your not a real artist, fuck-you" least that's what I saw it as!

Honestly; i can't begin to tell you how floored I felt. I don't normally don't share my personal/past experiences out here with anyone. Why? Because this is the internet. you can tell me your a young artist going to school, but in reality your some Blow Joe getting a kick out pretending to be a 21 year old girl. 

But I grew up on art; I used to stay home by myself a lot because my mom had to work late and I'm and only child. On top of that I was a pretty damn shy kid and bit anti-social (I HAD friends, but only 5 that I actually called friends and 2 that I hung-out with). I'm not saying my childhood sucked; but there were times when I was by myself a lot and took out some paper and a boom box and played the same song on repeat and drew cartoon characters from the back of video game boxes or manga books. It was like therapy, an escape from the loneliness. And through that, I made world's, and in these world's I made characters! And with all this I had a drive to make these world's better, give these characters back stories. I Loved it! And I still do it to this DAY!

So, who are YOU to tell me that I'm not a real artist? Because I'm being careful? I'm not willing to take the risk? Yeah, OK.

P.S. this is NOT going out to anyone here on DA!!
 This website though gives me a chance to vent out my frustration to people who actually get what I'm saying. And to all those artist out there who are doing something else but STILL KEEPING THERE PASSION ALIVE. Keep doing it man, you never know where it can take you!
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Just call me BLIX
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

The name's BLIXKREEG (you can just call me BLIX)

I'm an undergraduate student/artist and I've been drawing for over 10 years. I LOVE to draw comics and make up my own version of stories.

Even though I'm a novice when it comes to Photoshop, I WELCOME any questions and will give out any art tips to anybody who wants them!


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